Do you want to make a mark and be relevant in the competitive world of  business? If yes, then you are just at the right place!

 Business & Management is a team of business experts saddled with the responsibility of providing our esteem clients ( mainly startups ) with exceptional Social Media profile management ,  sales training needs as well as affordable consultancy services and in addition offers as much support as required to ascertain the continued success of their businesses and also give them a better return on their investments.

Business@Management Startup Office is dedicated to a wide variety of goal oriented services which includes business consultancy and management, accounting, ICT services as well as web design.

Our Startup Office in Romania has been supporting a lot of Romanian businesses since 2013 and yours will be no exception.

If outstanding business consultancy solutions and services is all you need, then Business & Management is right here for you.

At Business & Management, we provide 100% customer satisfaction.

What are you still waiting for? Join other small and start-up business owners that are choosing Business & Management Startup Office for all of their businesses as well as IT/C needs by contacting us today and let us use our competency to give your business an outstanding boost.

For IT/C  startups please visit us at www.itforstartups.eu

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