How To Make People Tweet Your Content

Well… why don’t you just ask them?

    1. Ask them for a tweet

Believe it or not, but if you ask your visitors for a tweet, many of them will actually do it. At least that’s what studies show:


In the world of marketing “asking someone to do something” is called a “Call-to-Action”.

Call To Action – Words that urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a sales promotion message to take an immediate action, such as “Write Now,” “Call Now,” or (on Internet) “Click Here.” A retail advertisement or commercial without a call-to-action is considered incomplete and ineffective. []

And if you want your Call-to-Action to be effective, you should make it prominent enough to be noticed and specific enough to be comprehended.

One other thing that works really well for Call-to-Actions is “reasoning”.

Give people a reason why they should tweet your stuff and they will be much more likely to do that.

          Make it easy for them to tweet

Even with a prominent Call-to-Action and perfect reasoning many people will still ignore you.


People are lazy and if you ask for too much – they won’t do that.

How does it apply to tweets?

Well, if you ask for a tweet and there’s no Tweet button somewhere near, a visitor will have to…

1. open;
2. copy the headline of your article;
3. then go back and copy the URL of your article;
4. (…then maybe even manually shorten it with;
5. and only then publish the tweet.

Too much hassle for a single tweet.

So if you want your visitors to tweet your stuff – make sure there’s a Tweet button at their sight that will make tweeting hassle-free.

More about this plug-in here below :

Tweetdis WordPress PlugIn

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